World-weariness: It is not good, bad, good and bad, or neither. It is a healthy state, though. It can be beyond the Gunas. It may not look that way to others, or even oneself. Contentment is sattva; if it stays a long time it becomes sama and dama (inner peace and self control). When it abides eternally it is Enlightenment.

The best way to recognize the Gunas is to meditate. One then becomes the witness of one's mind.

There are three ways to deal with the Gunas:
1 - helplessness: let it pass. "This too will pass." One simply waits it out.
2 - Through practice: One can affect the Gunas through meditation, study, worship. Even doing something different, like going for a walk, watching a movie, etc., will change up the Gunas. This is using action/rajas to overcome tamas.
3 - Transcend them: a rare Soul can do this, like Krishna, Buddha, and Ramakrishna.

Brooding is a combination of rajas and tamas. When the mind gets restless, it may be falling to the lowest point. An adept, like Buddha and Christ, may feel tamas or rajas coming their way, but they simply step aside. They do not brood and all passes quickly. You can also actually call on sattva, and as soon as you do, it comes forward. You may not actually see it arrive, yet an hour or so later, suddenly, you realize you are in balance again. Now all is left is to look back and see how that happened.....

A tree does not care where its leaves fall, so why brood on pleasantries and problems? The tree has its trunk and its limbs to consider. Focus and find the bliss of your Truth-trunk and Love-limbs and let the leaves of happenstance fall where they will.

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