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Pithy Points to Ponder
There is no such thing as a foreign religion. All religion is indigenous to your Soul.

Other religions want to convert, but Vedanta never does. It only reveals the Truth wherever you are.

Knowledge is good, wisdom is better, Truth is Best.

The scriptures are the intimate meditations and realizations of the seers.

The ego pretends to be the soul.
Purusha is the real individual Soul.
Atman is the true indivisible Soul.

A household devoid of dharma becomes a household full of karma.

Atman is a word for our pure nature before we, like a hailstone, fall into the ocean of Brahman.

Brahman pervades everything, but fear invades everything. What we want is the gentle incursion of Knowledge that destroys our ignorance.

[Regarding Raga, the cosmic principle of attraction]
Scientist: "Something must be holding the universe of atoms, objects, etc., together."
New Agers: "It is Love."
Babaji: I disagree. Real Love tends to dissolve everything, not keep them together.

Mind is impure by nature because it fashions things out if its negative and positive thoughts. Therefore, Heaven is not all it is cracked up to be, and Hell is not a place of eternal suffering either.

Birth and death happen only in Nature; not in the Soul.




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