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The “Myth”take of Creation
A Soul cannot be created. It is unborn and undying, i.e., eternal. If anyone speaks of creation of a soul, what that really means is the ego/mind mechanism. Even here, the word "creation" is better replaced by the word "projection." The body/mind mechanism is projected out of Consciousness. Nature only contributes the five elements into the mix. Study and memorize your Sankhya.

It is impossible to really produce an unproduced thing. And if you behold an object, you should know that it was unproduced prior to manifesting in form. Its true nature, then, is unproduced. You have only made it appear as something other than it really is. And that is true of everything; it is true of objects in nature and of all human beings as well. Thus, since we presently have form, we had better realize our formless nature if we want free.

"In the beginning was Brahman" – one cannot say this. There is no beginning for Brahman. That is why we say, "In the beginning was the Word." We should not make the Almighty a source of creation, or a source of anything. We must leave It pure, perfect, and Formless, as It is. Then we are to raise ourselves to It; and never attempt to drag It down into relativity.

Upon shifting away from samsara one finally sees: It is not that I was going from the unreal to the Real, or from relativity to Reality. No. It is all Real; there is only Reality, and I have to realize It to make it so.

We have to give up this idea that there is "my reality" and "your reality." If there were two realities they would cancel each other out. There is just One Reality, and we both are That. Fish inhabit the same water, birds, the same air.

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