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A Student's Notebook
September - December 2013

Regarding one-pointed meditation, called Tailadharadhyan, you can contemplate a waterfall, with you yourself sitting by. You become saturated by the sound; it never ends, and your mind is calmed by it. Think to yourself, "I must become like that waterfall; I am infinite; I never stop flowing." Then, about formless meditation, called Svarupadhyan, contemplate an ocean. There is no flow here, just infinite peace. Think to yourself, "I meditate on my infinite Nature. Rainfall and rivers do not affect an ocean."

When we jump from brain to mind and remain there, opening up nadis (inner passageways), we dream higher, meditate deeper, and die more consciously.

When souls occasionally succeed in withdrawing from form, to meet Siva as formless Essence, most beings will pull back. Few beings really want to dissolve everything, and for that reason people do not get bliss, ecstasy, or Samadhi.

Formless meditation, a soul's maintaining one-pointedness for a long time (tailadharadhyan), does not negate or destroy God with form, or the meaningfulness of the Avatar's Lila. It simply brings them inward and gives them their consummate meaning. Knowledge is now vast, infinite, and when you return to form you have this infinite wealth of Wisdom to express. How else could Sri Ramakrishna speak for a whole week on a single topic?

To get to Witness-hood one must not "touch" any-thing. One must let it all go — let objects go — and do not touch them – with body or with mind.

While asleep, we go formless for a couple hours each night. But no one questions it, or inspects it in meditation. "Where did I go at that time? Where did my 'I' go in that state?"

Intelligence/Consciousness/Eternal Subject
Regarding the teaching of the Four Stages of the Word:
When you look into this, you are going to abandon the Creation Theory and the Evolution theory. Why? Not because Creation, if taken symbolically, is wrong, or that Evolution does not make sense – it is only that they are incomplete. Neither of them take into account the Intelligence that is facilitating the perception of all that transpires in them. They do not take into account that mass of indeterminate, pure, blissful Awareness either. Are thousands of luminaries imagining That?

Awareness/Consciousness does not need a station. It is the source of all stations. Mind, intellect, ego – these are stations of consciousness, but are not Consciousness Itself.

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