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Babaji holds Zoom Satsang to answer questions about spiritual life and practice.
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Though born several thousands of years earlier than Shakyamuni Buddha, Ram's life bears a striking resemblance to the Buddha's life-story.  Both of them were fully realized beings, were sons of famous kings, and left the palace and its riches at an early age to seek Enlightenment due to the dawning of deep compassion at seeing the suffering masses in the world.  In Sri Ram's case, he benefitted immensely from teachings given to him by Lord Vasishtha, a record of which is found in the scripture, Yoga Vasishtha.
      The Adhyatma Ramayana is the nondual version of the famous epic, Ramayana.  It is shorter, beautifully condensed, and is written from the standpoint of Sri Ram being more than just the perfect son of his father, King Dasaratha, but also the Avatar of his Age — the Treta Yuga.  Sri Ram teaches pure nondualism in this version of the scripture, transmitted adeptly to his superlative wife, Sita, and to his devout half-brother; Lakshmana; also to his loving disciple, Hanuman.

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