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8am Hawaii, 11am Pacific
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Babaji holds Zoom Satsang to answer questions about spiritual life and practice. Each satsang begins with an introductory discourse followed by Q&A; come prepared with a question! Simply click the link above and join in; invite a friend.
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Saturdays, 1-hour Zoom Class on 
     SRV Wisdom – Ashram of the Subtle Realms
10am Hawaii; 1pm Pacific; 4pm Eastern; Central Europe - check your time.


Sunday Zoom Class with Babaji

2022G NahamKS

September 18th, October 2nd, and 9th — 2:30pm HST; 5:30pm PDT; 8:30pm EST

Jumping straight to the question "Who am I" (kaham) must be disallowed, and declaring the truth of "I am" (saham) prematurely should also be avoided. In other words, that first stage called "naham," must be thoroughly investigated with the practice of detachment so as to dissolve any and all attachment to the changing phenomena of maya. Failure to do this will result in falling short of the goal along the spiritual path.

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