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8am Hawaii, 10am Pacific
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Babaji holds Zoom Satsang to answer questions about spiritual life and practice. Each satsang begins with an introductory discourse followed by Q&A; come prepared with a question! Simply click the link above and join in; invite a friend.
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Saturdays, 1-hour Zoom Class on SRV Wisdom –
          Ashram of the Subtle Realms
10am Hawaii; 12noon Pacific; 3pm Eastern; 
          Central Europe - check your time.
This is a wonderful discussion class that goes very deep. We encourage you to sign up for SRV Wisdom for a free week, read the "Godblogs", and join in! Click the image.

Sunday Class with Babaji Kindler; February 4 & 11th

2:30-4pm Hawaii, 4:30pm Pacific; 5:30pm MDT; 7:30pm EDT
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In person (Big Island, Hawaii)
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Via Zoom
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The message of this, and most Upanisads, relates to serious seekers the need for a sharp mind and honed intellect in order to cut through all illusory appearances of maya/nature, and penetrate the layers of ignorance held by collective consciousness and our individual karmas. The method of the Kshurika focuses in on cutting away the predominance of body consciousness, uniting instead with subtler levels of awareness, then meditating on the numerous nadis there and definitively locating the three main nadis within. All of this gets covered in just 23 direct and pithy Sanskrit slokas. 

"Aum, Dhanur grihitv’aupanisadam mahastram...!" (taking as bow that mighty weapon furnished by the Upanisads....)

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