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Understanding the nature of objects
Is God with form or formless? Is It dynamic or static? The conclusion of the Vedanta is that Brahman is everything – the nondual formless Reality, as well as name, form, etc. But Brahman is not a thing or a location. Nothing is beyond Its infinite scope. So when the Seers approach a name or form, they say: "Oh, that is not what I am seeking; it is not that, and not that." This is the practice of neti, neti — not this, not this.

People with half-digested wisdom say "All is Brahman," and assume it to be so. Then they go on making all sorts of errors with objects — attaching, coveting, hoarding, etc. — in this deceptively assumed Brahman state. But the truth is that Brahman is in everything, but It is not a thing.

Objects: They are not created by God, and Nature cannot do it alone. Nature just provides the materials. They all come from the solidifying power of mind.

What are objects empty of? Abiding substance. And they are thus empty of the ability to fulfill you.

The five elements are connected to the senses, but come out of the tanmatras – the subtle elements. One way to begin to understand the tanmatras is to think of earths, waters, fire, air, and ethers that you project in dream states at night – when the gross senses and the gross elements are shut down.

The solid object is the appearance; it is made of swirling particles. What holds them together? The mind connected to the senses, for when mind is absent, matter disappears. Thus, my teacher used to say: "No mind, no matter. No matter, never mind!"

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