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Maya is name and form in time and space, based in causality, attended by the twin powers of covering and obscuration. But it is self-defeating because it also contains in it the revelatory power called Prakasha. The soul must seek that.....

What is the covering power of maya if not the taking of a charlatan as one's teacher. And what is the distorting power? — taking a teacher who gives one a mix of truth and falsehood.

Some complain that the dharma is too involved. They think there is a simple way somewhere, and following that whim, they fall into maya. So the devotees prefer the complexities of dharma to the complications of maya.

Why does the mantra penetrate through Maya? Because it is made of maya – Mahamaya. Use the best and highest aspect of Maya to pierce through name, form, time, space, and causation. Get it from a high source, called Guru, and use it to pierce through maya's covering and distorting power. Take a divine name, meditate on a blessed form – and the end to the regimen of cause and effect is right there.

Projection and Withdrawal
When one goes to sleep, one plays with subtle objects in dream. And when one wakes up, one plays with solid objects. In deep sleep all objects are dissolved, but one has not become completely free of them yet; they are there in potential.

Before anything can become an object, it has to have a name, a form, and a meaning. It will acquire its own sound as well. These four elements all congeal in the mind prior to the solid formulation of them as an object in the waking state, or on earth.

Lord Kapila has told us that (in nature) there is a chain of transition from the unmanifested to the manifested, and then a return transition back into the unmanifested. In the West we might be tempted to call this evolution and involution, but the seers tell us that there is no change in Reality in this twin movement. Know this and you are free.

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