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“Friends in High Places”
If you resign yourself to Divine Mother, She will remove your misery, your obstacles. Otherwise, you are only resigned to your own ego, which is the real god and devil of your life.

Ishvara takes a form, thankfully, and that is what we call "Avatar." It is a formless energy, but the word "energy" is insufficient to explain It. It is not prana, or kinetic, electric, etc. It is the power of dynamism, of higher Intelligence. It is Kundalini Shakti.

Exceptional beings like Lord Buddha saw a way out of rebirth in the karma-laden ancestor realm connected to rebirth on earth. He went beyond the Pitriloka then. One could quip, then, and say: I want out of the “pitri” dish.

You are born out of the Mother's Womb, and that womb is Intelligence. Never consider yourself to be born out of matter. Matter is not born; it is projected by mind. In mind is Intelligence, awaiting your discovery.

Shankara has said that the Divine Mother has projected all the worlds out of the Vedas, and the Vedas She made out of Intelligence.

Divine Mother is not a nature Goddess – Nature has come out of Her. She is not composed of Nature. She is the Mother of Wisdom and Philosophy, and She is even beyond them. The scriptures declare that even She does not know the extent of her own Wisdom.

Ishvari ushers us through the lower climes to Brahman.

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