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When name, form, time, space, and causation, are present, Maya is afoot.  People imagine that they are a name, a form.  They call themselves the body; then, because the body dies, they think they die – and they take this impression of death into their next birth.

Shatavadana, the Tantric evolute of Maya, is thinking of a thousand things at once, and is perpetrated by scattered mind.  Today we call that multitasking, which often is just fragmented mind at work.

Svarupapratishtha means to be steady in one's Essence.   Svarupanyathanbhava means running away from the Self.  One should live full time in the Atman; for, as long as one does not, maya insinuates itself and one runs the risk of getting lost again and again.

If there is relativity and you believe in duality, then there must exist its opposite – Reality of a nondual nature.  Science cannot just drop Reality because of belief in the laws of relativity.  That would not be fair to the credo of science.  Krishna says "The unreal never is, and the Real never ceases to be.  The truth about both has been realized by the seers."  So the seers do not neglect relativity either; they understand both, and in their own spheres.

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