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Brahman is untouchable.  You cannot touch It, so why do people try to bring It into form and touch It with hands, see It with eyes?  You must go into meditation and make yourself formless; then you can touch, see, and most importantly, know Brahman.

Initially, in meditation, we shut down our senses and withdraw all thought-forms, but even still we have not opened our inner eye.

Body and brain go together; while mind and the kingdoms of heaven go together.  Make a wise distinction between these two sets and go beyond both.

Do not resist meditating on God with form.  It is not low; it is not a crutch; it is an aid.  You need friends in high places.

Make your mind a beaker and pour its pure contents into Brahman.  Purify the mind until it stays in a naturally peaceful state and wait patiently for the auspicious moment of revelation.

Practice Samadhi, says Shankara, and do not think it is something down the road for you.  Take up the position and envision the results.

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