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Divine Mother, Kundalini

Divine Mother is that Divine intermediary between manifestation and Reality.

Divine Mother, the Devatmashaktim, is everywhere, but is covered by the gunas and therefore appears to us as the world.  To perceive Her is to realize the Vedantic dictum, "All is Brahman."

Water on earth, as liquid rain, nourishes seeds and brings forth food.  There is also "rain" in the realm of the Trinity that they use to nourish the "seeds" of unmanifested Prakriti.


Every object is a symbol for Brahman.  When the senses go toward objects impelled by desire, this fact gets hidden.

Renunciation is not condemnation, it is deification.  True renunciation allows everything to be as it is; one just steps back and transcends it.  The objects themselves are not what are impeding you, but rather your inability to let go of them and leave them be.

Should one question the world and objects?  Yes, but do it in the right way.  Look for their causes.  This way you will eventually trace and find everything back to your Self.

Prana is flowing in the elements and senses.  What is behind Prana?  Mother Shakti. Can I turn that power toward transformation?  If I can, I can become a Vivekananda.  "The powers of the mind are to be turned back on itself," states Swami Vivekananda. The senses are outgoing.  Whose fault is that?  Is it the objects of the senses?  No, it is your mind.

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