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Pithy points to Ponder

I am Buddha Nature, not human nature.

The conundrum of the ages is this: The Eternal Soul is afraid of death.

Dharma R us; puja R us, Then jnana R us; then higher knowledge becomes us.

The body is just karma walking around on two legs – until God is realized; then it is God walking around on two legs.

People prefer to dream than to wake up.  This is the problem for God and the Guru....

The Word, OM, signifies Original Mind.

Brooding on the past, present, and future keeps one from living in the Eternal Moment.

The three things missing in Western ideology are the tanmatras, the prana, and unmanifested Prakriti.

You cannot own the world because the world is always within you.

The end of craving begins with the end of sankalpa, creative imaginings.

"Eternal damnation" is not being burned in fire; it is getting stuck on the Kalachakra.

Psychic prana can flow in two directions: towards Enlightenment, or into a search for occult powers.

Time is cyclic if you reincarnate all the time; it is infinite if you do not.

People say they want to "go with the flow."  That is their plan for maybe a year.  But soon you will want to be, not become; be stationary, not moving.

By being a student of all that changes one never realizes one's changeless nature.

If you fall out of yoga, what is waiting for you is Maya.

If you reside ever in peace and contentment, then where is desire?

Ignorance is not bliss; ignorance of ignorance is bliss.

All the nadis lead to Om, like all roads that lead to Rome - and they all lead Home.

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