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Vedanta Detox

Detox your mind with viveka-vairagya.  Just as you may get to the Father through the Son; you get to Truth via wisdom.  You will have to see what is ever-changing, come to abhor it, then move inwards by stages to attain what is Unchanging.  One uses viveka-vairagya to walk this path.

There are people who separate the wheat from the chaff, but then do not give up the chaff.  Discriminate, and once you find the Real amidst the unreal, do not forget to give up what is unreal.

Disease is inherent to the mind.  Lack of discrimination between the real and the unreal results in people who are only focused on the unreal, which soon thereafter appears as disease.

"I shall tell the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth" – is what the devotee of Brahman states at the highest court of Advaita Vedanta.

There is no ultimate meaning in life, which is only dreamlike; nor does God, who is beyond form, have any purpose for your life.  When you think in either of these two ways you are in double jeopardy.  The only meaning and purpose for your existence is in you.  Now find it and be calm.....

Loving Brahman is not like loving a boy or girlfriend.  There, you do not get closer by getting more personal, but by becoming more impersonal.

Most traditions have a name for formless Reality and a corresponding name for It's state of consciousness, like Brahman/Nirvikalpa.

Maya is a set of five subtle aspects — name, form, time, space, and causation — that act as five curtains hiding your true nature.

You cannot find any secret in matter that was not first present in Intelligence.  When you finally observe that you have been born and died many times, and say, "But I am still here," then you know that the Soul is unborn.

Whenever Vedanta talks about Brahman, Atman – It is talking about you.  You have to realize this.

The one who suffers in Maya must learn to say: "My mind created these bars of bondage and delusion, and brought me to this present state.  Now, how can I use my mind to get rid of them?"

If you know the secret of how Intelligence infuses everything, then where is Maya in the process?

Pain helps you grow, pleasure binds you.  You do not want to end up with pain, and you do not want to end up with endless growth, either.  The Atman does not grow; Purusha does not grow; the Self does not expand.

 You are Consciousness and It is inhabiting the mind and body.  It is not rocket science.  It is not that hard to be your Self.  Yet, so many beings spend all their time running away from themselves.

No wonder people are confused.  Shakti flows, prana flows, and maya flows.  Which to pick?  People choose the echelon they are most comfortable with.  Only Brahman does not flow, and so the Upanisads state that It belongs only to those who want Peace — the Peace that passes all understanding.

If something is Eternal, then it does not have beginnings, middles, and endings.  When we apply this measure, we find only one "Thing" left.

You cannot take the world into God.  Most people desperately want to take the world with them to God.  But this is only heaven, and it is not permanent.  Where "God" abides is Formless Essence.

Where does an object come from?  Unmanifested Prakriti.  Where does a soul come from?  Intelligence flowing out of The Word.  The Atman, however, never comes and goes....

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