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Realizations along the Spiritual Path

Manojavittvam, the incredible speed of the mind and its thoughts – this station of spiritual practice allows for the realization that you project and withdraw the worlds at will.

The two streams of Pradhanajaya, victory over Nature and its inception are:

1 - The soul/jivatman realizes it is not the body, prana, mind, etc.  The "seer" thus involves.

2 - The soul/jivatman realizes it is not the vehicles, and that Nature involves too.

You have to fall in love with that Presence within you.  It is like the Tantras say, "You: you are the darling of your own worship."

What kind of things are in smritibetu, causal memory?  How about all the times you lived and died?  And what do you conclude from this?  That I am still here.  What died then?  Just bodies.  Something else you remember there is being in the Light, and experiences of Enlightenment you had.  This is really why babies have that blissful look, and seers shine with luster.  So, pursue remembrance of your causal memory.  Focus your intelligent particles on it and realize the storehouse of infinite Wisdom within you.

This physical realm is not a world apart, but rather a state of consciousness – a location in your mind.

The 20% shift of consciousness amounts to this: That God, Divine Reality, is not in the world; the world is in God.  Maya makes it look like the subtle comes from the gross.  It makes things look the opposite of what they are.  Sri Ramakrishna told us that the key turns in the opposite way in spiritual life.  If you have lust, lust for God.  You do have human passion, but you have been lusting after the wrong things.  That is why you suffer.....

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