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The four yogas transcend the gunas; they are in pure sattva.  One first increases devotion to God by courting all four of the yogas, which leads to pure sattva, faith, and finally to mumukshutwam – the sincere longing for liberation.  And this all leads to steady wisdom, sthiti prajnasya.

Is sattva just pretending away the problems of the world, or is it the best way to deal with problems?  You see, sattva's advantage is mastery over rajas and tamas; also over worldly preoccupation.  Know the gunas and deal with all of them from pure sattva.

Brahman is not a form, but it has the power of form; It is motionless, static, but then again, It sports or assumes movement.  That is Shakti/Maya.  A snake sits still for periods of time, then suddenly wriggles across the ground, but it is the same snake, nonetheless.

"Without taints, I am; being, knowing, loving I am; Self-shining, devoid of duality, I am; to these words conform." Sarasvati Rahasya Upanisad.

The Three Great Steps in successful spiritual life are: Cosmology, Philosophy, Spirituality.

Avoid the void, annihilate nihilism.  Stay away from such illogical concepts.  God is; You are; Nature is; everything is; and when it is not, it has only gone back into a seed state of subtle potential.

Teachings in Vedanta are called Dharma. Dharma teachings are meant to help you develop an inner life.  Due to the nature of paranoid governments, money and greed-based education, fundamentalist religion, and rank materialism, etc., we do not have a nondual philosophy in the West.  Further, there are barriers to our inner life that have nothing to do with politics, etc.  They are in the mind.  Contemplating the dharma teachings helps remove these.  Meditation and worship help destroy these barriers, especially if they are in the emotional body.  Service helps remove these via dealing with the dualities that are encountered in life, and transcended.

When the atomic particle explodes, energy goes outward.  But when the Wisdom Particle implodes via concentration and meditation, subtle energy moves inward.  This is called insight.  And foresight?  Hopefully, human beings will have enough of it to refrain from releasing destructive explosions.  For this, vow yourself to nonviolence.....

The first way to detect the presence of maya is to consider if something has a name and a form, since nama-rupa are part of maya.  If you feel the presence of time, then you know maya is present, because time is an illusion.  Everyone says, "I am," never "I am not."  We say, "I exist," never "I don't exist."  The point is, you are existence.  And in fact, you — the real You — has been the witness of all your births and deaths.  Take up permanent residence in that Reality, and be Free.

Nimitta, causation, in Vedanta, is not like in science, but refers to the cause and effect that happens, for instance, when one acts and gets good, bad or mixed results.  Further, all this change is not God's doing.  The soul has let itself in for this set of consequences.  So, be like a woman with a baby in a house on fire – get out immediately.
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