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Seeking origins/atma vichara
Why is the mind fragmented?  Because the soul, while living, never connected the elements and the senses, a practice called tracing origins.  Tracing origins means to meditate on what came before any particular object of concentration, and what appears prior to that, and so on.  This process fleshes out the twin process of evolution and involution.  If one only perceives evolution, then one will get stuck outside, in matter.

Give up the practice of meaninglessness and practice the meaningfulness of everything.  And do not look merely into rocks (the archeologist), plants (the botanist), and flowers (the new age meditator).  Look beyond forms for their source of origin.  Upon finding their deep origins, move further inward to comprehend the unoriginated nature of all beings, all things.  Now you are back to being a true human being again.....

What is the difference in perspective between seeking origins and the theory of evolution?  The position of seeking origins reveals that Consciousness precedes everything and is present prior to its manifestation, whereas the theory of evolution posits that there is only physical matter and prior to that there is an empty void, i.e., no God.  Does Nature come first, and then the soul appears?  It only looks that way from the outside (evolution).  Certainly the stage appears first, and then the play, but we must also account for a "backstage crew," i.e., the Divine Mother and Her Four primordial Shaktis — Wisdom, Will, Action, and the Power of Production.  Then, as well, a theory of involution — a cause to all effects — can be added.

Ignorant beings are driven by desire; the wise are driven by inquiry.  Both are having experiences, but the latter seeks to know the origin of experience and discovers the Experiencer.  In the same way that you might go on denying the existence of everything, but must finally acknowledge the existence of the one who is doing the denying, in the same way, You can go on having experiences without end, but eventually you will have to acknowledge the One who is having the experiences.  Thus, beyond the two word mantra, "I Am," there is still another teaching.  You neither "are" nor "are not."  You are just You, and that is Nondual Reality.

Your thoughts have an origin in the Cosmic Mind.  Thus, there is a major flaw in the Creation Theory.  One cannot get something out of nothing.  In the case of nature, it all comes out of unmanifested nature via the projecting power of the mind's thoughts.  In the case of Atman, the Soul, it is Unborn, Acreate.  And are you going to tell me that the Soul is created out of nothing?  Or dust?  Can anyone, including God, even create a Soul?  God is the Soul, "All is Brahman."  Everything is Unoriginated – Everything Is.  All problems begin, then, when we begin thinking of ourselves as other than God, as having a beginning, or of being a product of nature.  "Give these up" and realize your inherent and timeless Perfection.

You do not want to get stuck in Maya without knowing there is a Lord of Maya.  Better yet, the Mother of Maya – Mahamaya.  Propitiate Her and She will take you beyond Her Maya.
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