By practicing dissolving the mindstream, you see everything you thought was you, dissolve — your body, thoughts, intellect, and ego — but You are still there.

Dissolving the mindstream is really about getting everything out of one's way.  People embroil themselves with the five elements.  All objects here are made of five elements.  The five elements are the soul's five desires.  Get all this "behind you" and discover smriti betu, your causal memory.  Smriti and smriti betu are very akin to Intelligence.  In that are found the memories of one's past lifetimes, and much more....

I did not see my mind move from dreaming to waking.  Ask yourself, how do I do this?  By slowing the mind's vibrations, i.e., its thoughts.  How?  Through deep meditation.  And before I can do that I have to control the mind via pratyahara.  And to control the mind, I have to be able to sit still (ekasana), breathe (connect the three phases of the breath to the three matras of AUM), and master the prana.  Yoga practice is of the mind.  All else, the "unreal," has to be dissolved back into it.

If you want to be a living liberated soul, in or out of the body, you need to know how to dissolve the mindstream.  Why did it take the Buddha 49 days under the Bodhi tree to do it?  He had to show collective humanity how to get free of the ancestors.  He had to deal with the karma of the collective mind.  It is tremendously difficult to pierce through that "veil of nescience."

Dissolution means union, not void, not destruction.

The meaning of objects is that God exists.  Why?  Because you can dissolve them and be the sole remaining Witness.

What are some of the obstacles to realization that naturally get dissolved in the practice of dissolving the mindstream?  Desire to take on bodies, the eight passions, and the three gunas, to name a few.

In the mind-only schools, the body is an off shoot of the mind, and the mind can create as many bodies as it wants.

Beings are forever bringing God down to their comfort zones.  They are making that Reality into children, cars, money, pleasures, and so forth.  Try, instead, to draw yourself up and inwards to God.  Dissolve everything back into the Divine Source.  All the children and money you have ever had reside there in full.

The five elements have given us both life and death over our series of lifetimes.  Water has slaked our thirst and drowned us; earth has grown our food and buried us; fire has kept us warm and burned our bodies; etc.  So, if we dissolve them in meditation, and find the Indestructible within us, we get over fear.

Making connections is sadhana; dissolution is meditation.

As you sit in meditation you begin to dissolve knots in the mind. As a result of this you will find that you have lived other lives.  As one continues to trace origins, the soul separates from the ego and conforms to its formless Source.
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