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Meditation is a natural state to us.  That it has ceased to be so is a huge calamity for humanity.

Your intention should be to kill the ego every time you sit for meditation.  The Real Source of your Real Bliss will then become revealed to you.

How do you extract essence from experience?  By thinking upon the experience, of course.  Contemplate it and then store the meaning within.

Right Orientation
One first attains one-pointedness, then one gets multifaceted.  Prior to one-pointedness, the mind indulges in varieties (vaichitra) and phenomena and pretentiously calls this preoccupation “multifaceted.”

Selfless service and altruism are both good, but not equally good.  Selfless service is much more beneficial.  If one has not attained self-abnegation — seeking God first — then he/she will not rise above altruism.  Altruism often runs the risk of corruption.  In selfless service, there is, or should not be, any self that will do the corrupting.

Disease is not in the body; that is just the effect. Disease is in the mind, which is why we cannot cure it. So long the mind, so long disease.

In the West we are taught that dreams are figments of our imagination.  In Vedanta we find that they are manifestations of our Consciousness.  If you follow imagination you get fantasies and cartoons.  If you follow your Consciousness, you follow your true Heart.

Success is overrated.  Failure is the proving ground of the yogi.  You see, in failure and defeat, my Self is still here.  This Wisdom will not go away.  Thus Sri Krishna exhorts us to "be the same in success and failure...."

Like an inchworm going from point to point, leaf to leaf, beings proceed from lifetime to lifetime via attachment and aversion.  But illumined souls are not operating this way.  They are ever in Brahman, and therefore always holding hands with everyone.

While floating in a disembodied state, you prayed for earth, water, light, air, and space, and this all came along as a natural course of your request.  Your prayer has been answered.  Do you like the result?  The result is abundant, without limit, so why do you allow anger, lust, greed, jealousy, pride, and delusion to spoil it?  Even children learn to share......
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