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“Can you say Pancha?”
[Pancha means five, in Sanskrit.  This is Babaji’s humorous summary of the teaching of Panchakarana, which is how, according to Indian cosmology, the worlds, from causal, to subtle, to physical, are projected/evolved from the Cosmic Mind via groupings of five: 5 aspects of mind (Cosmic Mind, Intellect, Ego, mind, and thought), to 5 subtle elements, 5 gross elements, 5 cognitive senses, and 5 active senses.  Significantly, all these can, and should, be involved as well. Evolution is for manifestation, and involution is for meditation back to one’s essential Being.]

What contemporary thinkers know about the elements has not been connected to the senses.  All is random and coincidental to them, external by nature, limited to matter.  This perspective changes, and life takes on new wonder and meaning, when earth and smell, water and taste, fire and sight, air and touch, and ether and hearing, all meet.  This is the auspicious reconvening of the little gods, the indriyas.  After all, they all started off as one.  Why should they not end up that way....?"

You formed your body.  Nature could not do it alone; it is insentient.  But you and nature, as collaborators, can produce countless worlds and a lot of mischief as well.  The five elements that are a part of this process are really the embodying soul's five primordial desires.  It wanted a solid place to stand, so it projected earth; it wanted liquids to drink, so it projected water, etc.  What the soul has forgotten, however, is that earth is the idea of Solidity in God's Mind, and water is the idea of Liquidity.  Thus, it all begins with a thought, but that Thought is a grand one, whereas human thought is infused with desires.

The translucent Light of Pure Awareness, the nirbija (seedless) state – People think this is a state one is reaching for, but this is actually one's true nature.  From that pristine condition, one descends, so to speak, through the Trinity, then proceeding by sets of fives until one arrives here in a physical body and starts asking why, when, what, where, etc.?  But one has now landed in maya, and such questions cannot be answered from inside of maya.  Therefore, one has to rise above and start asking, "Who, Who am I?"
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