Along the pathway of my life, the Three Types of Bondage
came forth as if to capture my mind and spirit,
but that was short-lived, for I discovered and implemented
the Three Kinds of Liberation thereafter.

While practicing the Five Types of Sacrifice,
I blenched at the many inferior births possible in this life,
but gained relief with gratitude and celerity
upon remembering the Four Auspicious Boons.

In the course of my mind-revivifying spiritual practice,
the Five Obstacles to Yoga posed me difficulties.
I merely intensified my practice of
the Three Treasures of Patanjala and
the Eight Limbs of Yoga.

At an advanced level of practice, the Three Obstacles to
Attaining Mature Detachment impeded my progress.
I resorted to pursuing the Eight Great Accomplishments
and broke this triple barrier down completely.

The Seven Stages of Higher Wisdom
dawned on my awareness at a deeper level of sadhana,
and I found they led me to an ebullient confirmation
of the Four Divine Affirmations, called Mahavakyas

I heard with awe about the recondite system
of the Seven Chakras from my spiritual teacher.
He transmitted esoteric information on the Four Yogas
of Kundalini Yoga and I devoutly embraced the Tantra.

In this esoteric path, the Twenty Yamas and Niyamas
According to Tantra became known to me,
and having practiced them all, the Twenty-four Symbologies
of Goddess Kali dawned on my mind.

Inspired by the path, I exerted profusely in order to master
the Seven Qualifications of a Tantric Aspirant,
and gradually the Six Signs of Awakening Kundalini
appeared in me and I tasted samadhi.

Due to this, my perception was heightened,
and I yearned to hear of the Five Divine Seats of the Devi.
My illumined preceptor informed me of
the Four Aspects of Shakti and I experienced Her darshan.

As bliss turned into realization, the Five Main Aspects
of the Divine Mother manifested before me.
Thus, Mother taught me pure devotion and also revealed
the Five Divine Moods for Worshipping God.

Eschewing the mind’s tendency towards limitation,
I acknowledged all the Five Main Religious Paths of India.
No sooner did I attain this universal view than
the Nine Durgas danced ecstatically before my inner vision.

Meditating on the Ten Divine Articles of Sri Durga
which She holds in Her beautiful hands,
I became aware of the Six Treasures of the Godhead
which transmuted my mind’s dross to pure gold.

I contemplated with wonder the Ten Meditations
on the Nature of Brahman in the scriptures.
My Guru noticed my devotion and instructed me
in the Seven Types of Meditation, conferring liberation.

Meditating on my immutable Self, called Atman,
the Six Proofs of Purusha were revealed to me.
I realized then what the ancient rishis knew —
the Ten Immutables of Paramatman —
and entered ecstatic absorption.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantih — Om Peace, Peace, Peace.

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