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Guru Purnima

Sri Ramakrishna used to say: 'Gurus can be had by the thousands, but rare is a disciple.' There are plenty of people to give advice, but how many are there to listen to it? If a man has faith in the words of his guru and follows them, then all his doubts and troubles vanish. If a man has faith in the words of his guru, God will meet all his wants. Holding him by the hand, He will lead him on the right path. (Swami Brahmananda, Et. Comp. p.126)

The rest has to be accomplished by one's own efforts. The power of the guru is the suggestion. The more you advance towards Him, the clearer you will see the way. (Swami Shivananda, For Seekers p.96)

Call forth faith — faith in the Guru's words, faith in holy men's teachings, faith in the scriptures, then only you can have results. Mere namby-pamby attitude will be of no avail. (Swami Premananda, Apos. p.142)

You cannot build up life without the living touch of an ideal life. The Bhagavata is always insisting on the company of the good and the devout. Shankara has no doubt laid particular stress on the Jnana (knowledge) aspect. But Vedanta also upholds the necessity of a spiritual teacher. Life can be kindled only from another life. (Swami Turiyananda, Apos. p.326, Spir. Talks p.290)

Nothing can sever the spiritual relationship between the guru and his disciple. It is something eternal. But the disciple must listen to the words of the teacher and carry out his instructions. If any impediment arises, the guru comes forward and removes it. Success depends on the sincerity and effort on the part of the disciple. (Swami Saradananda, Glimpses p.90)

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