2023 Awakening to Mother

"O Mother Kundalini....
"O Mother Kundalini,
Coiled Potency Who awakens gradually within all conscious beings,
You abide in the root of primal awareness at the base of the spinal column
and within the thousand-petal lotus of Enlightenment at the crown of the head...

"My preceptor once whispered in my ear
these invaluable instructions for meditation:
'Visualize your own form
as the limitless potency of the Goddess.
Within your lotus-centers, which are the true body of humanity,
dwell every Divine Being of the heavenly hierarchy....

'Ascend swiftly in awareness through six levels, symbolized by
dense earth, flowing water, dancing fire, invisible wind, open space,
and all-embracing mind....

'O Meditator become the Goddess!
She is your essence!'"

--from Mother of the Universe, Visions of the Goddess and Tantric Hymns of Enlightenment, Lex Hixon

Location: Windwood Waters retreat site near Stevenson, WA

Arrival:  Thursday, May 25th, between 4:00 & 9:00pm (dinner from 6:30 – 7:30pm). 

Depart: Monday, May 29th at noon, after light cleanup.

Registration: Starts now. Tuition and lodging fees due by May 15.

Costs: Tuition is $720 all inclusive; full time academic students: $475

Lodging: The main Lodge sleeps 6 – 10. Another small cabin sleeps 2 – 3.  Sleeping spaces/rooms are shared with others. Tenting is plentiful and a lovely experience. 


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