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Shakti Bhajans

Chant the Holy Names of the Divine Mother and invoke the blessings of Her sacred mantras! Filled with Divine Mother power, this album contains many favorites and several originals. It also reflects Jai Ma Music's live performances with classic poetic offerings before each bhajan, all glorifying the Universal Mother as the Mahashakti -- the leader of all souls and the One who grants liberation to all aspiring beings.

"It is so wonderful to stay immersed in the vibration of your inspiring music. It is hard to keep our sanity in this culture, but the music and chanting are helpful in keeping us focused."


CD $15.00 Cassette $5.00


Kali Bol

Who is Mother Kali? None can rightly say, words cannot describe Her. Words fail to penetrate deeply into Her dynamic and transcedental Reality. Through the transforming touch of music and song, however, a bit of Her Essence gets revealed. These profound and lovely Bengali songs are sung with blissful adoration to Mother Kali who lifts the mind beyond boundaries.

"We call your attention to the new release from Jai Ma Music, Kali Bol. This music will refresh and illumine any atmosphere. Babaji is a great light!" – Lex Hixon

"My daughters love your music and want to hear your Kali Bol tape all the time. Your music is always so intoxicating, so enchanting and filled with the life of the Spirit." – K.C., California
CD $15.00 Cassette $5.00


Hymns to the Goddess

Seven precious bhajans in Sanskrit and Bengali to the Goddess and one inspiring hymn to Sri Ganesha form an enthralling musical testament to the Mother of the Universe in four of Her main aspects -- Kali, Durga, Sarasvati and Lakshmi -- engendering divine love and granting purity. A best-seller classic from Jai Ma Music.

"In Jai Ma Music's Hymns to the Goddess, the impression in listening is one of musical excellence in composition and arrangement. The experience is buoyant, joyful — uplifts hearts and spirits." – Tantra Magazine
CD on special $10.00 Cassette $5.00

Deva Devi Svarupaya

Due to the popularity of Shakti Bhajans, Hymns to the Goddess, and Kali Bol, Jai Ma Music has released Deva Devi Svarupaya, a collection of inspired offerings to the Goddess -- the fourth in a seris of recordings dedicated fully to the Divine Mother of the Universe -- containing three original Sanskrit compositions by Babaji Bob Kindler and four traditional favorites, featuring Jai Ma Music's Shakti Choir.

"I spent the day listening to 'Deva devi Svarupaya.' It's a wonderful album! I forgot how listening to your music changes the whole life experience. Jai Ma Music is transformative." – S.P., Illinois

"I have shared this album with everyone I know who loves the Mother and Indian music. All feel transported and enraptured by what can only be described as the sincerest of love coming through your voices and in the weaving together of the instruments — such beautiful compositions."

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