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Absolutely unique, the ineffable essence
which is the source and origin of all,
The primal Purusha,
playfully manifesting Itself in Pure Mind,
Who is the one impartial sun,
reflecting in the different waterpots of various intellects,
That One and I are identical,
non-different, inseparable.

It is one homogenous presence
that causes all eyes to see.
It is one omniscient entity
which graces all minds with thought.
It is like unto the sun which reveals
the world of name and form for perceiving.
That One and I are non-distinct
and form one cohesive unity.

The eyes see, the ears hear,
all due to the presence of the Self.
The sun becomes manifest due to That effulgence
which imparts the ability to see to the eyes.
If not for It, darkness and ignorance
would prevail at all times.
The Self and I are one and the same,
free of divisions.

One transcendent sun becomes many,
reflected in the ripples of a lake.
One indivisible Being appears multiple,
animating many bodies.
But relativity ever fails to divide It,
ignorance only momentarily obscures It.
It is undeniably whole,
which is the pervasive condition in all.

The ignorant and naive, beholding clouds,
deem the sun to be non-existent.
These same beings, perceiving nightfall,
imagine the sun has expired.
Ever-present, always shining,
this is even more true of Brahman, the ineffable.
This Self and Brahman are one, not two or many,
and none else exists.

There is only this One, existing in all beings
and all existing in It.
It filters down and touches all hearts and minds,
yet nothing can touch It.
It is like the sky, pure and serene,
subtle and impossible to taint.
That One am I, I am that One,
there can be none other.

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