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I am not a human, a god,
or a being inhabiting celestial realms.
Neither am I a priest, a warrior,
a merchant or a menial worker.
I am neither monk, householder, hermit, or wanderer.
I am the ever-conscious eternal Self,
infinite and pervading everything.

Without the sun, no terrestrial actions are possible,
Yet the light of Timeless Awareness
allows the sun its moment of glory.
That inner Radiance, vast and conditionless,
illumines the corridors of mind and senses.
And That Light am I, pure and boundless,
attributeless and free.

Comforting and life-giving,
like the quality of warmth in fire,
Whose nature is always awake, all-abiding,
and one without a second,
Who animates inert objects, mind, and senses,
and engages them in action,
That Self-aware entity am I, sublime and indivisible.

As the reflection in a mirror
is identical with the object reflected,
So is the universe identical with the Self,
revealed in the mirror of pure mind.
Thus are living beings perfect images
of the eternal Subject, the undying Self.
And that limitless Self am I,
identical with the Supreme Being.

Remove the reflective surface and the form disappears,
What remains is the formless essence,
the objectless Reality.
Like this, when the external mind is stilled
and focused on Reality,
What is left is oneness, the eternal abode,
my true existence.

Even bereft of sense experience, mental cognition,
and vital functions,
That internal Reality continues to exist,
relying upon nothing.
It is That which animates the senses,
impels the life-force, and awakens the mind.
That perpetual Being am I, Self-effulgent,
illumining the cosmos.

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