SRV San Francisco, March 2009

James' drawing We met around the big, old, wooden dining table at SRV San Francisco.  On it were spread pieces of blank newsprint on which our four little students drew pictures of what makes them feel peaceful.  There were pictures of trees, ponds, the sun shining, Easter bunnies and more.  Each child had the opportunity to explain their drawing. Afterwards, we met in the shrine room with flowers for a simple worship and meditation.

Last January we held the first of what we hope will be a series of special classes on Vedanta and Spirituality for children connected to our San Francisco SRV center, also known as The Healing Center of San Francisco anchored by Bhavatarini Ma (Jocelyne Nielsen).  Our next class is scheduled for March 29 in the afternoon.  Please call 415-468-4680 for more information.

A group of five boys and girls ranging in age from 5yrs to 8yrs attended this class taught by Annapurna, which included an introduction to ceremonial worship that they could participate in, meditation with Babaji, and special "hands-on" teachings designed to acquaint young minds with foundational teachings such as "I am not the body"; the real Self (Soul) doesn't change when the body or mind changes; and all Souls are one with God and all other Souls.

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