Matthew, Mom, and OlympiaToday is May 7th and we are blessed with the presence of four beautiful children, ages 6 to 10 years, in the SRV San Francisco ashram.  The children's class on spirituality will be centered on the aspect of God as Mother. Respect of Mother, Love of Mother -- the Mother of the Universe! It is an auspicious teaching all in its own, for after all tomorrow is Mother’s Day.

Over the last few years in our SRV Sangha there have been discussions on the need for a "rite of passage" for our youth.  What this means to us, Vedantically, and in America at this time, continues to develop.  Now, as the second wave of SRV children enter adolescence, and a younger set is on the way, we are striving to bring this into manifestation.  Here are a few details that are starting to emerge:

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