In The Spirit: New Additions

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323. Shen Yen ~ Set against a sound backdrop of bird calls and oriental music, Lex Hixon reads from Chinese texts and introduces Master Shen Yen who speaks on the qualities of Chinese Buddhism.

324. Christ Tree ~ The members of the singing group Christ Tree join Lex Hixon who questions them about their music and their respective lives.

325. Brother David ~ Lex Hixon hosts Brother David and his friends, members of the Benedictine Order of monks. (1973)

326. Sister Palmo ~ With an interreligious theme, Lex Hixon and Sister Palmo talk about Tibetan Buddhism and Christianity amidst readings and music. (1976)

327. Judith Skutch ~ Beginning with a message for the American Indian cause, Lex Hixon then introduces Judith Skutch who speaks about A Course in Miracles. (1978)

328. Abode of the Message ~ In a show centering around the Abode of the Message community, guest host Mary Patricia talks with Sufi students who are members of that community. (1978)

329. Sandra Isenstein ~ Lex Hixon speaks with Sandra Isenstein about Vedanta and its connection with the world and action through life, art and practice. (1979)

330. Sister Janet Richardson ~ Lex Hixon interviews Sister Janet Richardson, a sister who has been a member of The Sisters of the St Joseph of Peace Mission for 26 years and who speaks on the similarities and compatabilities between Catholicism and Zen Buddhism. (1980)

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