The Oregon prison system has 14 prisons located throughout the state.  Only one of these is for women.  Babaji currently teaches at:
  • Coffee Creek Correctional Institute for women, Wilsonville
  • Two Rivers Correctional Institute, Umatilla
  • Deer Ridge Correctional Institute, Madras
  • Oregon State Prison, Salem

Additions to this list occur naturally as prison students get moved to different locations. Inmates often have no influence as to where they serve their time. They may be placed many hours distant from family and friends depending upon what is deemed best by the Department of Corrections' operations.  Criteria is multiple, including space issues, the safety of inmates, and transitioning an inmate to fewer restrictions in preparation for release.  Thus from time to time a student that we have had for some years suddenly gets a transfer to a prison outside our current list and then we receive a request to come there and teach.  Without a request from an inmate or from the supervising chaplains, religious teachers do not enter an institution.

A portion of your donations to SRV Associations goes to support our prison ministry. Your donations help our students on the "inside" get books, Nectar, audio teachings, and most of all, receive the teachings in person from Babaji.  Please help us increase our budget to fund this program to meet the growing need.

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