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2. Peace Invocation from the Rig Veda

Om dyauhu shantih antariksham shantih prithivi shantih apaha shantih
oshadayah shantih vanashpatayah shantih vishvedevah shantih
brahma shantih sarvam shantih shantir eva shantih sa ma shantir edhi
~ Om shantih shantih shantih

There is peace in the sky, there is peace on earth.
There is peace in the heavans, there is peace in this world.
There is peace in the waters, there is peace on land.
There is peace within the plants, animals, flowers, insects and herbs.
There is peace with men, and peace with women and children.
There is peace with the Gods and peace with the Goddesses.
May this all-pervading peace enter into us and permeate us
to the very core of our beings. Om peace, peace, peace.

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