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7. Peace Invocation from Keno Upanishad

Om apyayantu mamangani vak pranashcakshuh
shrotramatho balamindriyani cha sarvani sarvam brahmaupanishadam maham brahma
nirakuryam ma ma brahma nirakaroda-nirakara-namastva-nirakaranam me astu
tadatmani nirate ya upanishatsu dharmaste mayi shantu te mayi shantu
~ Om shantih shantih shantih

O supreme One, grace my limbs with strength.
May my speech, vital force, eyes, ears and all my senses expand in capacity.
The Upanishads rightly declare that all existence is Brahman.
Therefore, may I never deny Brahman and may Brahman never deny me.
Let there be no rejection of Brahman by me, ever.
May all the virtues cited in the Upanishads reside within me,
I who am devoted to the Atman. Om peace, peace, peace.

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