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9:30am-Amrita Nada Up, OR
Contact For further information call: 990-3354

Sarada Ramakrishna Vivekananda (SRV) Center in Portland, Oregon


"Amrita-Nada Upanisad"

SRV Oregon will continue with the Amrita-Nada Upanisad with Babaji over the Feb and May visits. This short scripture has received very little attention over time, but is another hidden jewel of Vedanta. It is influenced by the Kundalini Yoga system, and centers around the awakening of prana and its utilization towards full Enlightenment.

Saturday & Sunday (in person & Zoom)
February 26 & 27, 9:30 - 12:30pm PST

Masks Required to Attend In-Person: Contact us

Attend on Zoom: Join Meeting  Passcode: 949463

Donations to SRV gratefully accepted. Suggested Donation for classes: $20. 
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