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Brahman Bytes, 10am HST

Brahman BytesBrahman Bytes - on Saturdays

Weekly 1-hour Zoom Class on 

SRV Wisdom – Ashram of the Subtle Realms

Saturdays, 10:00am Hawaii; noon Pacific; 3:00pm Eastern; Central Europe - check your time.

Join Babaji each week for a deeper dive into the topics of his Godblogs: Brahman Bytes in the Aftermath of the Avataric Descent, Inspirational & spontaneous thoughts from Babaji on the topics of spiritual life & practice. The “homework” for this class consists of reading these short, practical, and pithy posts that arrive 2 – 3 times a week on our online ashram. Bring your questions to class and also please post them after the godblogs too. You may also just come to listen.

If you are not yet a member of SRV Wisdom, you can join our online ashram here. Residents of India, please contact us for the Indian membership link. Financial hardship? contact us.

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