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Sri Ramakrishna Jayanti

Blessed with inconceivable blessings
is this day of total joy,
this conscious union of all souls
in the religion of limitless love.
O glorious Lord of Love,
You alone dwell within the heart,
making every land a sacred India.
Your self-revealing Names resound
through the breath and heartbeat
of every being in the universe.

Your ecstatic lovers humbly praise
the majesty and mystery of Love.
We have no desire for wealth or power.
Our only hope is the hope of all lovers —
blissful meeting with the Beloved.

For mystic union with You
we cry without tiring,
intimately embracing Your Feet,
divested of all opinions, all fear.
What can we gain or lose?
We have discovered the fountain
of timeless awareness.

O supreme Love,
our victory is Yours alone.
Victory unto Thee!

from "Great Swan" by Lex Hixon

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