This is truly one of the most rewarding projects that we are involved in. The impact that Vedanta makes on the lives of inmates is utterly profound and transformative. That the Atman/Soul is ever pure and ever free; that we are nonetheless responsible for all that happens in our lives; that the negative tendencies developed over lifetimes can be dissolved by Self-Realization - teachings such as these empower and transform the minds of all beings, and no less so for those whose actions and karma have placed them in prison. Nearly all our students have the same realization once they encounter the Vedanta, "I do not regret this prison experience, for it has brought me to these teachings." The prison for them has become an ashram.

We currently offer a regular program of Vedanta classes and personal spiritual instruction at three Oregon prisons. Additionally, SRV provides the following instructional materials free of charge to inmates and prisons in Oregon and other states:

  • Books, audio teachings and devotional music for prison libraries and individual inmates

  • The Raja Yoga email class is offered (via U.S. mail) to inmates throughout the U.S.

  • Nectar of Nondual Truth, SRV's journal of universal religious and philosophical teachings is given to inmates as well as to the prison chapel libraries

  • Ongoing spiritual correspondence and even phone calls (which are collect to us)

We are currently becoming involved in the Home for Good in Oregon inmate release program in order to better support our students in their transition back into society.

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