Cosmic Subterfuge

Autumn Online Seminar
October 21st & 22nd

Beyond the narrow one world, one body, perspective of today's Western religion and philosophy, which has convinced most of earthly humanity of the real existence of matter, there is the deeper view of India's revelation of seven worlds and three bodies — all propounded in order to lead souls to liberation in the "Great Spirit."  That "Spirit" is Consciousness, or pure, original Awareness, to Mother India.  It is declared to be nondual and indivisible by those who have experienced It, but undoubtedly It has Its sport; or put another way, there is sportive play, or Lila, in It.  Just as a vast, homogenous body of water called an ocean sometimes gives rise to multiple waves breaking across its surface, so too does this Sentient Sea of Awareness produce activity and motion on Its blissful breast.  This Essence and Its enigmas will be explored thoroughly in this seminar, offering up insights for deep contemplation and meditation.
Seminar Tuition
Pricing is per person attending & location:
US Choice 1: $105, tuition only
US Choice 2: $225 includes 
Footfalls of the Indian Rishis, 
shipped in US.  See video!
Western Europe: $75
Eastern Europe: $30
India: $30
*Class recordings are made available to all participants,
so if your timezone makes it impossible to attend a class or two, you will still get to see it.

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