Summer Online Seminar I
Extracting Essence from Daily Actions
June 26th & 27th

In this online seminar, the subtle art of transforming every day activities into direct spiritual experience will be taken up, along with wise ways to avoid mere habitual living for the sake of pleasurable existence alone.

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Online Seminar Payments
Pricing per person:
US Choice 1: $105, tuition only
US Choice 2: $225 includes 
Footfalls of the Indian Rishis, 
shipped in US.  See video!
Western Europe: $75
Eastern Europe: $30
India: $30
*Class recordings are made available to all participants, so if your timezone makes it impossible to attend a class or two, you will still get to see it.
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Summer Online Seminar II
How Advanced Vedantic Tools Work
August 28th & 29th: (Janmashtami)

With the growing interest in Vedanta, students are wanting to know more about how its practices — like adhyaropa and apavada — get applied, and how vivarta gets removed in order to afford clear vision.

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Autumn Online Seminar
Establishing Ahimsa/Nonviolence on Earth
November 20th & 21th

In a war-torn world, where even periods of peace are rare in today’s times, the need for maintaining nonviolence as both a sound policy and a given human right will be explored. The peaceful and productive lives of illumined beings will be exemplified, revealing how ahimsa is actually a divine quality rather than just a political alternative.

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