Advaita Vedanta in a Jivanmukta

Aseshanandaji Maharaj seated

In this retreat, Babaji will focus on the powerful transmission of Advaita Vedanta given by Swami Aseshanandaji, Holy Mother’s last living monastic disciple, and Babaji’s own Mantri Guru.  Swami Aseshanandaji gave his life to the American people for some 45 years.  He knew our strengths and our weaknesses as a culture with regard to walking the path of a true spiritual life and addressed these through the lens of Advaita from a station of noncompromise achieved only by knowers of Truth.  Babaji has created a series of charts all dedicated to the “Vedantic Thought-Bombs” of his guru and will unveil and unwrap these over the course of the retreat.


“I have lived in this country since 1947, and it is my prayer that the American people begin spiritual disciplines in their individual lives, in their family lives, in their social lives, and in their national lives.  Discipline – there can be no true freedom without discipline.  So teach your children from the cradle to the grave to live a life of self-control and self-discipline.”


“As long as you live within the framework of time, space, and causation you are not free.  Freedom will come only when you transcend.  Swami Vivekananda observed that the scientific achievement of the West, as well as the theological tradition of the West, both belong to what is called aparavidya, lower knowledge.”


Location: Seattle, Washington
Arrival: Thursday, March 9, after dinner and by 9:00pm
Departure: Monday, March 13th after 12:00noon
Tuition (all inclusive): $450; students $225
Registration: due Sunday, Feb 26th – by email:, or by phone 808-990-3354

Financial hardship? Call 808-990-3354
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