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251. Sushil Muni & Swami Chidananda
Taped at a convention, Lex Hixon airs a program with Jain Leader Sushil Muni and Sivananda Yoga exponent Swami Chidananda. (1975) (2 files)
$5.99 each
252. Swami Kriyananda & Sunbear
Lex Hixon combines East Indian with Western Indian as he interviews both Sunbear and his partner Waban and Swami Kriyananda, a direct disciple of Swami Yogananda, founder of the Self Realization Fellowship. (1977) (2 files)
$5.99 each
253. Ram Das & Father Paul Meyer
Judeo/Christianity and Hinduism meet as guest Host Mary Patricia Hunt Perry hosts Ram Das, an American who practices Indian religion and Father Meyer, a Jewish born Catholic Priest. (1979) (2 files)
$5.99 each
256. Zen & Judaism
Lex Hixon hosts a show on Zen and Judaism and gives his insights into both. (1980)
$5.99 each
259. Easter
With Easter as the motivation, Lex Hixon speaks about the intrinsic connection between Jesus, Moses and Abraham.
$5.99 each
262. Sat Prem & Suzuki Roshi
In the first of a series of four similar programs, Lex Hixon reads from the writings of Sat Prem and Suzuki Roshi. (1980)
$5.99 each
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