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46. Mother Teresa & Brother David
Lex Hixon speaks with Brother David, a monk of the Benedictine order, and airs an interview he recorded with Mother Teresa in her Bronx mission house. (2 files)
$5.99 each
47. Mother Serena
A Rosacrucian nun who conducts healing services in New York City and has been worshipping there for 52 years. (1976) (2 files)
$5.99 each
48. Padre Pio
A program dedicated to the renowned priest, Padre Pio, is given by Lex Hixon who shares readings about his daily life and reflections about his stigmata and spiritual experiences. (2 files)
$5.99 each
49. Meister Ekhart
A program consisting purely of readings from the writings of Meister Ekhart, the great thirteenth century German Christian mystic.
$5.99 each
50. Jorge Waxenburg
With the aid of a translator, Lex Hixon interviews Jorge Waxenburg, who speaks about the order of Koff, its founder and its principles. (2 files)
$5.99 each
51. Jorge Waxenburg
Another program about the spiritual teachings of the order of Koff, an esoteric order which originated in Argentina. (1979) (2 files)
$5.99 each
52. Jorge Waxenburg
After a lapse of six months, Lex Hixon meets with Jorge Waxenburg once again, reads from his works and asks him to present teachings. (1979) (2 files)
$5.99 each
53. Jorge Waxenburg
Lex Hixon interviews Jorge Waxenburg and reads some of his writings with a special emphasis on the function of spiritual directorship. (1979) (2 files)
$5.99 each
54. Dr. Nathan Wright
Episcopal Minister, author and leader of Greater Things Ministries. (1980)
$5.99 each
55. Dr. Nathan Wright
The graduate of Harvard Divinity School is interviewed for a second time and talks about his work with Greater Things Ministries. (1980)
$5.99 each
56. Father Daniel Barrigan
Minister and poet, who speaks about his radical political action of 1980 with regards to nuclear disarmament.
$5.99 each
57. Eric Butterworth
Lex Hixon airs a taped interview with Eric Butterworth, a teacher associate with Unitarian Church who guides spiritual aspirants at the Unitarian Center for Practice. (2 files)
$5.99 each
58. Sister Judith
A healer and devotee of the Lord. (1977) (2 files)
$5.99 each
59. Jesus Christ / Christmas
Lex Hixon and guests host a Christmas program with music and readings. (2 files)
$5.99 each
60. Mother Mary and the Annunciation
Lex Hixon offers a special program in commemoration of the Annunciation, the announcement of the Incarnation, with special emphasis on the Virgin Mary. (1980 or 81)
$5.99 each
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